Superlative Secret Society

Welcome to our community, an NFTs project that offers incredible utility and is dedicated to supporting the next generation of artists!

Where do I buy Superlative?

How do I know which Superlative I should buy?

You may want to grab the art you love most or utilize a few tools our team and community have used to find the most optimal Superlative to buy. Official Rarity Tool: https://superlativesecretsociety.com/nfts/sss TraitSniper: https://app.traitsniper.com/superlativesecretsociety​

I got my Superlative now, what to do?

1) Join our community at https://discord.com/invite/superlativesecretsociety 2) Verify your Superlative to access our Holdersss only Discord channels at https://discord.com/channels/871338006731161660/920075395355799594 3) Share the love with the excellent community vibes and immerse yourself. Flex your new Superlative on Twitter with the #WeLikeTheArt hashtag and mentions @SuperlativeSS

Where can I learn about Superlative?

Superlative minted on September 21st, 2021. So many things have happened since we build this community from the beginning. Find out more on our official website: https://superlativesecretsociety.com/​
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